Collaborative VNC

Andre Merzky andre "at"
Fri Jan 23 08:38:00 2004

Quoting [Ben Levitt] (Jan 23 2004):
> Well... I found a bit of time.  :]

Wow, that was fast :-D  

> I added a little name popup in the top-left that pops
> up whenever someone takes control of the session. 

Sounds perfect!

> (I
> still want to add the ability to pop this box up on
> demand as a way to see who is in control  Maybe a
> menu-item...)

Yes, this also seems very useful to us.

> I also added a -master flag to Xvnc which makes the
> first vncviewer to connect to the session the master. 
> The master can always take control of the session.

:-)) Great!

> Please let me know if these changes are what you were
> looking for.  

Yes, this sounds absolutely fine!  :-))
I will check it out on Monday - next three days are stuffed :-(
The scenario we want to implement is as follows (this is a short
version, we will provide a more detailed version next week):

  For a distributed virtual surgery planning, a medical doctor
  may need support from both external colleques (say, a bone
  specialist) and external IT technicians (say, a 3D modeling
  specialist).  During the planning, different software tools
  to be used on the same 3D model.  Our software provides that

  However, koordination of actions is difficult, even if we
  integrate video konferenzing as means of communication (we
  integrate the VC into the 3D-scene).  So, being able to
  explicitely shift focus of action from one participant to
  another is very important and useful.

> (I have to clean the code up a little still, but it
> should work just fine for now as is...)


Many thanks!  Andre.

> Ben

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