Windows Remote Desktop Vs. VNC

F S storagefs "at"
Fri Jan 23 05:13:01 2004

Hey All,
I am a newbie to VNC. Have used windows xp built in
remote desktop in the past.
This is my question...well, I have a few.
I am looking to Setup a Host VNC Server as my main
machine at home.  I would like to connect to this home
computer from work.  Work may be firewalled but should
not be against any thing of this kind.  It is not very
So I want to be able to connect to the wireless lan at
work on my laptop and connect securly to my home
computer.  I think that I must setup an SSH server on
my host server computer at home.  I did all of this,
and connected it, and I "think" that it is secure. 
How do I find out if it is secure? I tried a packet
sniffer and could see a lot of mis mash, and a few
known characters. (Keep in mind, I connected remotely
from the same firewall to my server as testing) I want
to make sure everything from my laptop to my home
computer is 100% secure. 
I run windows XP on both machines currently. I have
setup Cygwin and got the ssh server running already. 
I have also connected from my laptop and everything
worked. Please give me any pointers on the secure end
of this all.

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