Resize de application

Bailo, John jbailo "at"
Thu Jan 22 17:46:01 2004

Judit --  That is a cool feature, but that is not what I'm asking about.

Attached is a bitmap of my screen (the colors are funny because I saved it
as 256 ).

The server is set with a geometry of 800x600.

As you can see the Pan newsreader application goes off the screen.

If I click on the upper right hand corner of the application, a wire grid
appears, but it does not allow me to resize the app!

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; Subject: Resize de application
;  Hi John!  you can resize de application by right-clicking on 
; the left top
; of the window, then a menu will be displayed. 
; Choose "connection options", once you are in, set de scale to 
; whatever you
; want. 
; I have tried this "experimental" option, and it works right 
; fine. You can
; also set this property when you run the application  
; vncviewer, like this:
; 'vncviewer.exe usertobemonitorized -scale 1/2'.
; (sorry but I do no write very well in English ;-P)
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; I am running a vncviewer on a 800x600 laptop.
; I set the vncserver with the switch with -geometry 800x600
; If I run it full screen, it sizes up perfectly; however, if I run an
; application such as Pan, or Mozilla, it sizes way off the 
; screen, right and
; bottom (!)
; Also, I cannot /resize/ the application -- I try click and 
; dragging the
; right corner but it doesn't get any smaller.
; What can I do ?
; juditr "at"
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