Color problem RealVNC 4b4

Bonno Bloksma b.bloksma "at"
Thu Jan 22 15:03:01 2004


Update. After I connected once from my laptop, still running 3.3.6, to the
server running 4b4 the pcolor problem went away. It now does not happen
whether I connect from my PC running 4b4 or from my laptop running 3.3.6.
The server has been configured to treat all sessions as shared. Maybe
something the laptop client "told" the server sticked and now applies to
alle clients connecting.

I'll se if I can test some more when I have the time and the opportunity.
Like I wrote before it *is* our mailserver, not something to test with at
will. ;-)


Bonno Bloksma

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> Hi,
> Server is Windows 2000 server SP4 all patches applied running RealVNC4b4
> Client is Windows 2000 Pro SP4 all patches applied running RealVNC4b4
> I connect to the server when the screen saver is running, by moving the
> mouse the screensaver screen will disappear and the "console is locked"
> notice will appear. Grey areas will be pink. Disconnecting and
> will show the pink for a fraction of asecond and then teh grey wil be
> Server runing 16bit colors. It seems like this has to do with the color
> translation where VNC will reduce it to 8bit colors, at least that is what
> VNC 3.3 did right?
> I can reproduce this at will.

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