laptop crashes when using VNC

Seak, Teng-Fong tfseak "at"
Thu Jan 22 11:26:00 2004

	Usually, new laptops have ethernet interface integrated.  Maybe you could try to use the ethernet to see if you've got the same problem.

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> Subject: laptop crashes when using VNC
> I'm running WinVNC from my laptop and I was connecting
> to my desktop PCin my house by using the IP address of
> my router instead of the IP address of the desktop PC.
>  The router has port forwarding set up correctly.
> When I start up the viewer on the laptop I get the
> WinVNC window - all black - and within about 5 seconds
> I get blue screen and it points to my NetGear wireless
> network connection driver.
> When I connect directly to the desktop PC using it's
> IP address instead of the router's IP address, it
> works fine.  I also tried to connect to another
> computer on the net - which happens to have a dial-up
> connection (yes, its very slow but it does work!) and
> was able to run that for about 10 minutes before I got
> the same blue screen problem I mentioned above.
> I have the latest drivers for the NetGear wireless
> device.  Anyone have any ideas as to why my laptop is
> crashing?
> Mike
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