Ip restriction question on VNC 4.0 version

Espen Ringom espen "at" ringom.no
Thu Jan 22 10:23:00 2004

Hey There,

Im so excited since I finally managed to use VNC and SSH on my
windows computer. However, I would like to restrict to only accept
connections from a few ip's, and I cant really figure it out.

This is my setup. 
Installed openSSH on my windowsbox running vnc server.

I open putty from another computer on internet, log into my computer,
then run WINVNC user connection to localhost:0.. Works like a charm
with tunnel.

SO the big question, in the IP RESTRICTION box on server side, what
ip do I allow?

When connecting using SSH tunnel, will the "connected ip" be

a) The localhost? (
b) My serverip (since i ssh to same machine as server is running
c) Or will it be the IP im actually running the viewer from? (lets

I tried to add all those 3 ips to the ip restrict list with a +
infron using this syntax

However when I try to vnc to the server now, I get rejected.
What am I doing wrong?

Espen Ringom