Controlling XP PC from Win 98 PC

R. S. Patil kpr_rspatil "at"
Thu Jan 22 02:36:00 2004

Dear Friends,

I have connected My old Laptop 
PII, 128M Ram 600x800x16bit on 11" TFT, Win 98
New Laptop
PIV, 256, 1400x1050x16 bit on 15"TFT, Win XP Pro
to each other with P2P cable on Ethernet adapter

both running realvnc 3.3.7 server.

my xp pc can connect to 98 pc and can control keyb and mouse
but 98 pc raises server not found error when I am trying to 
connect to XP PC 

Can somebody help me ?

Best Regards

R. S. Patil