Adding SunRay support

Andrew Buckeridge andrewb "at"
Thu Jan 22 02:17:00 2004

Non-free SunRay server software <> is
available for Solaris-sparc64 and may be available in the future for
Linux-i386 only.  The problem with this is that we would like to run Linux on
whatever architecture we choose (Linux-sparc64, Linux-powerpc, etc.).

A free SunRay server <> has been written.  I have
not had any luck building it yet on a gcc 3.3.2, xfree86 4.2.1 system (sarge),
but will check out similar Debian vncserver source package, diffs and build
dependencies.  Some one else may have better luck.

Sun do not have any documents on the SunRay protocol that could assist in the
development of free SunRay server software, however the protocol has been
reverse engineered <>.

I think this is a little short sighted of Sun and it would be in their best
interests if the SunRay was accepted the same way as a vt100 is even if they
loose a few Solaris and SunRay server sales in the short term.