Blank screen

Seak, Teng-Fong tfseak "at"
Wed Jan 21 22:37:01 2004

	Without knowing what you've configured in the Linksys router, and not even knowing what model it's about, it's really hard to have any idea.  And the computer in which you're running the client, is it behind a firewall or router?

	Have you tried to ping to your VNC server machine to see if there's any packet loss?  Or have you tried to use another router, other brand mark, other model?  If you know how to setup a ftp server in VNC server machine, try to download a big file to see the transfer rate and if anything's going wrong.

	Lastly, try a "request screen refresh" if that's not done already.  Good luck

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> Sent: mardi 20 janvier 2004 18:36
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> Subject: Blank screen
> When I connect to either of two computers behind a Linksys router from a
> remote location I am able to get in but I can only see a blank black screen.
>   A person at the server is able to see the cursor move but nothing is
> visible on the client side.  Often the connection is disconnected after a
> couple of attempts at moving the cursor around.  The other thing I noted is
> that when I look at the connection info from the menu the line speed
> estimate shows up as 0 kbit/s.
> When I connect to one of the computers from the other computer behind the
> router it works fine.
> Thoughts?  Thanks in advance.