laptop crashes when using VNC

Mike Weber mike_p_weber "at"
Wed Jan 21 21:11:01 2004

I'm running WinVNC from my laptop and I was connecting
to my desktop PCin my house by using the IP address of
my router instead of the IP address of the desktop PC.
 The router has port forwarding set up correctly. 
When I start up the viewer on the laptop I get the
WinVNC window - all black - and within about 5 seconds
I get blue screen and it points to my NetGear wireless
network connection driver.

When I connect directly to the desktop PC using it's
IP address instead of the router's IP address, it
works fine.  I also tried to connect to another
computer on the net - which happens to have a dial-up
connection (yes, its very slow but it does work!) and
was able to run that for about 10 minutes before I got
the same blue screen problem I mentioned above.

I have the latest drivers for the NetGear wireless
device.  Anyone have any ideas as to why my laptop is


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