Collaborative VNC

Ben Levitt levittben "at"
Wed Jan 21 02:38:00 2004

I have put together a patch for tightvnc which allows
multiple people to work together in a vnc session.  It
lets everyone see everyone else's mouse pointer, and
mediates control of the session so multiple people
can't simultaneously send colliding mouse and keyboard

My bare-bones page about this patch is at:
or if that site is still being flakey, at:

I thought people here might be interested in trying
this.  So far I have only patched the unix version. 
If I get a few requests, I'll try to patch the viewers
for windows and java as well.  (Or if people who know
windows or java coding better than me want to help
out, that would be fine too.  :)  But I'm getting
ahead of myself...)

I also thought this would make a good addition to the 
"VNC Extras, Add-ons and modifications" page at
 Anyone know how to request getting a link to this
project onto that page?



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