Basic question, how do you disconnect the viewer? Close the window?

Matt and Chit Ward mattandcharito "at"
Tue Jan 20 23:55:00 2004

Some details first:

First PC is WindowsXP (Viewer software)
Second PC is WindowsME (this is the Remote PC with Server software)

Using network (IP).

Connection from the first PC to the second PC is fine, until I disconnect.
I have searched the site, and cannot find anything that suggests how to 
disconnect the connection.
To do this, I am simply closing the Viewer window.

After this, I cannot reconnect to the remote PC. 
I enter the VNC SERVER NAME and DISPLAY NUMBER (Eg,  "machine:0") then 
If I go to the remote PC (the WinME PC), the server application has 
crashed, and only a PC
reboot can rectify the problem.

Maybe I am closing the viewer incorrectly?

THANK YOU for any help or suggestions.