Used to work, now it doesnt !

Scott C. Best sbest "at"
Tue Jan 20 19:24:00 2004

	Heya. So when start a VNC Viewer and attempt to connect, what
sort of error message do you see? It's possible that even with pings
not working, VNC will be able to connect.
	Also, let's check the two firewalls at home and work too.
What does the scan at tell you?

good luck,

PS: Go Pats.

> I had set up VNC from home to office in Nov 03 and it worked fine.
> Nothing has changed as far as the routers(Linksys BEFSR41 on both ends).
> Strangely, I only had ports 5900-5904 forwarded, but it still worked.
> I have since forwarded 5800-5804 just to be sure.
> Work is Verizon PPOE DSL and home is Comcast cable.
> Now I can't ping or telnet in either direction.
> I have checked the work IP at and confirmed it in the
> router status page.
> I have someone at work right now handling onsite tasks and we still can't
> get this to work.
> I assume (yeahyeahyeah, I know...) that I was able to ping in Nov. and
> Verizon and Comcast swear they don't restrict this.
> I Checked the Archives and esp. the very helpful
> "Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 10:44:45 -0800 From: Matthew.van.Eerde "at"
> Subject: RE: Problem Connecting through Linksys router" thread
> and I feel I have everything setup as described. Heck, It should work, It
> already did!
> Any help guys?!?!?!  I'm dyin' over here!