Windows 95 Advanced settings query

James Granville/Tonypandy/Moulded Foams/linpac James.Granville "at"
Mon Jan 19 15:44:00 2004

I've been trialing VNC and it looks a great tool for remote administration
etc.  I have a query which I hope someone can point me in the right
direction ?  I've installed Winvnc Server on a Windows 95 PC and am able to
remotely administer from my WNT 4.0 workstation which is great.  I want to
tie the Windows 95 PC down so that the user can not alter the properties
once I've set them.  I've read the WinVNC advanced setttings help feature
and there are registry edits stated that describe what I'm trying to
acheive, however, when I browse or search the Windows 95 registry I cannot
find "AllowEditClients" or "AllowProperties" or "Allowshutdown" keys to be
able to edit them?

For your info I'm using version 3.3.7 and I've installed the server as a
service on the Windows 95 pc.

Are you able to advise what I'm doing wrong??

Many thanks

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