[vnc-list] Sound in vnc howto

Wout Mertens wmertens "at" cisco.com
Mon Jan 19 11:05:01 2004

Unfortunately, this only solves it halfway.

You can't disconnect your session and go to another computer, connect
and hear the audio there. In fact, the audio will keep playing to the
windows computer. If you kill esd on the windows computer, the xmms
running on Linux will either stop or crash.

What would be great is an esound or other daemon that you can say "Now
play to this ip address; now stop sending out sound; now play to that ip
address". That way, xmms wil keep playing and vnc could have an esound
part built in.


Jan 11 at 00:36 evil squirrels forced Christian Schneider to write:

> I read in several mails on the mailinglist that there is some interest
> for sound in vnc. Currently there seems to be no solution on the lists.
> Some time ago I managed to solve the problem with help of esound and a
> windows binary of esd. As it is quite simple I wrote a little howto.
> Perhaps you could include a link in the documentation.
> http://www.liquid-reality.de/main/projects/esound
> Hope I could help,
> Christian
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