F8 and Num Lock confusion with XF86

jackb@guppy.us jackb "at" guppy.us
Sun Jan 18 13:31:01 2004

> > Well, I finally discovered that numlock being on was the problem; once
> > numlock was off F8 popped up the menu.  I looked at the code in
> > CConn.cxx:138 and ran with debug output and noticed that the key event
> > state had Mod2Mask set when numlock was on.  So I modified the code to
> > ignore Mod2Mask as I always have numlock on.
> I'm not quite sure where feature requests go, but if it is here, then I'd add 
> my voice to this one.  I think 'F8' should work regardless of whether numlock 
> is on or not.

I have not had a recent need to pass F8, but I could see the 
action/deaction with a numlock or some such, to make it easier to 
interact with a remote system that requires have use of F8 key.

The first time I saw the F8 menu, I thought that was wrong place for 
that mapping.