Changing server initiated connection port number david "at"
Sat Jan 17 13:58:00 2004


After much reading and skulking in the background my first post ;-)

I know that initiating a server connection on port 5500 will connect me to a
viewer in listen mode; What i want is the server initiated connection to go
out on port 80 with the viewer listening on port 80 (which is done with
the -listen 80 switch). This is because port 5500 outbound is blocked on the

So far I have been able to do this by iniating the server connection on port
80 via the gui (add new client and then tagging -connect x.x.x.x:65616 onto
the end to force port 80 to be used). All well and good so far; However when
trying to do this via the command line i.e. "C:\Program
Files\RealVNC\WinVNC\winvnc.exe" -connect xx.xx.xx.xx:65616 I get an 'Add
New Client Error' of unable to resolve host name.

What's the difference between changing 'server initiated connection port
numbers' in the gui as opposed to command line / desktop shortcut / task
schedular / registry key......


Dave Simmonds