[suse 8, KDE 3.1.3, vnc 4.0b4] clipboard woes...

mrinvader@rapidappraisal.com mrinvader "at" rapidappraisal.com
Fri Jan 16 15:13:01 2004

Hi again,

I have a SuSE 8 machine running 4.0b4 client in X 4.20 and KDE 3.1.3 (from
KDE). The server is a windows 2000 pro machine with either server 3.3.7 as
 or 4.0(b4?). neither server version makes a difference, although 4.0b4
does go a LOT faster!

This happens on a suse 9 x0vncserver 4.0b4 server as well..

The issue is that clipboard passing sometimes happens from the 2000 box to
the suse box but not from the suse box to the 2000 box. what am i doing
wrong? the settings for that functionality are turned on on both ends in
the configuration.

what was the syntax for the F8 menu item for "send local > remote"
manually?  If i put it into the .Xresources, am i going to have to put in
all the other items (basiucally rebuilding the menu from scratch)?

Charles T. Houghtby IV
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