Connecting to Solaris 8 from Windows

Corné Beerse cbeerse "at"
Fri Jan 16 14:45:00 2004

Franco Stellari wrote:

> Hi, I'm new to this mailing list and I don;t have much experience with unix 
> systems. I'm trying to share the CDE desktop of a SUN machine running Solaris
> 8 to a chient installed on a Win2k PC. I need the PC user to be able to see
> as a spectactor what I'm doing on the SUN.

...mmm Sun ...mmm Solaris. THere are some default problems on solaris but you 
have not triggered them. Major soltion: get write rights to the directory where 
the X11 locks and such are stored: /tmp/...X11... (a directory with X11 in the 
name, in /tmp). Ask your sysadmin, you will need it.

> I installed the vncswerver download from When I run it it
> connect to dispaly :1 and not to :0 bevause Xsun is using :0. If I connect
> from the client, I can conenct to :1 but I don't have the decktop. I can not
> connet to :0.

I don't know if there is a way to export the console (:0) from a Solaris box. I 
do know 3 ways to do so on linux but they need Xfree86 (where Solaris uses Xsun) 
or KDE (where Solaris uses CDE) or a framebuffer device (don't know if it is 
avialable and/or capable of doing some vnc).

Hence my advice: start a vanilla vncserver session and both connect to that. If 
you need CDE, see the maillistarchive for details. By head, you can try 
`vncserver -query localhost` which provides a login box. Just do the login once 
more. You might need to add some options to have both access at the same time. 
See `Xvnc --help` for a list (and give them to `vncserver`).

Now both access to this vnc session and off you go.

> Is there a solution to this problem. Thanks a lot for any help,
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