Run "VMWare Workstation 4" with VNC (Issue & Workaround)

֪ yangrongwei "at"
Fri Jan 16 13:31:01 2004

The symptom:
I have set up a "ReaHat Linux release 7.3 (Valhalla)" machine with "VNC
3.3.7" and "VMware Workstation 4.0.5 build-6030" installed. All of them 
& VMware) are working properly when launch individually. Even when I launch
VMware within a VNC, everything still seems OK.

But when I power-on a virtual machine from that VMware, a warnning was
popped with following message:

"XFree86 DGA extension not present. Either your X Server is built without
this extension, or it is not configured to use it. XFree86 direct graphics
(DGA extension) initialization failed."

When dismiss the dialog, the power-on action is suddenly stopped although
the VMware windows still exist.

The pathway:
At first, I thought it is a DGA limitation of Xvnc (VNC's virtual X server)
and was very joyless for the searching result from Internet -- no solution.

Then I aimlessly configurate and re-power-on the virtual machine again and
again with grumble. And then the miracle occured. After dismiss servale
hints from VMware, the virtual machine is booted successfully! But the 
thing is not repeatable. Then, I noticed these messages on my terminal
window from which the VMware is launched.

"VMXFER: Attempt to send message VUIHintX while processing safe all
VMXFER: Attempt to send message VUIPostX while processing safe all
Panic loop"

These messages were dumped ONLY when the power-on is failed. After some
attempt, I got the conclusion.

The solution:
The failure is caused by VMware's fancy hint feature not VNC's DGA
limitaion. To solve the symptom is to close the hint feature of VMware, 
is the path,

Help | Hints | Hide All Hints

Then the virtual machine can be repeatable booted. :)

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