Problems starting at bootup

William Hooper whooper "at"
Fri Jan 16 03:35:01 2004

Kevin Luff said:
> I tried redirecting output to a file after the command in the rc.vnc
> script, but it just gives a zero length file

Just thinking out loud here, because I'm just about out of ideas:

Try having the rc.vnc script use su to create a file, just to verify it is
running.  Maybe use something like "printenv" so you can also get the user
environment when it is running.

Have it run a copy of the vncserver script, so that you can put some
"breakpoints" into it.  Maybe have it echo a string, or touch a file in
different places to verify it is running.  It looks like the log is
starting on line 120 of my vncserver (YMMV) with:

$desktopLog = "$vncUserDir/$host:$displayNumber.log";

I think it would be safe to say if the log isn't created that it isn't
getting to this point.

Again, sorry, I'm all out of ideas.

William Hooper