VNC from work to Home

Leigh Cocker leighcocker2 "at"
Fri Jan 16 01:03:00 2004

Well basically to get it two work I opened up the port that VNC uses on 
my router and gave  my public IP address as the address that VNC  
connects to, I set the window to 1 on the server (Running Mac OS X) and 
set the window number to 1 on the client (also running mac OS X) and I 
can now connect with out a problem Via Airport Via VNC to my home 
computer :-)

On 16 Jan 2004, at 00:55, Scott C. Best wrote:

> Leigh:
> 	Heya. Presuming that both your home and work networks are
> connected to the Internet (a safe bet), the answer is "yes, 
> definitely".
> 	As for the exact details of how to do it...that depends
> entirely on how the two networks actually connect to the Internet. For
> instance...are you using a firewall/router to connect your LAN to the
> Internet? Does your work have a restrictive firewall with an even more
> restrictive web-proxy requirement? I've collected some other FAQ's
> about such setups here:
> 	But I guess the best question to start this off is: what have
> you tried that doesn't work?
> cheers,
> Scott
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>> Subject: VNC from work to Home
>> Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 20:48:22 +0000
>> Hello,
>> I have VNC installed on my Laptop and the sever app installed onto my
>> Home PC , When connected up to my home network I can VNC into each PC
>> fine, Is there  a way that I can VNC into my Home PC from work  which
>> is on a differnent network ?
>> thanks