Connecting to Solaris 8 from Windows

Franco Stellari jpsoftug "at"
Thu Jan 15 22:15:01 2004

Hi Steve,

I did try to install the v4b4.

However when I run x0vncserver I get the following error:

% x0vncserver

Thu Jan 15 17:04:57 2004
  main:        XTest extension present - version 2.2
shmget failed
shmget: Invalid argument

Thu Jan 15 17:04:58 2004
  main:        Listening on port 5998

I tried anyhow to connect to hostname:0 or hostname:1 without result.
Can you help me a little bit more?
Thanks a lot!

At Thursday 1/15/2004 03:46 PM, Steve Palocz wrote:
>Download the vnc beta 4 (goto downloads at and on the
>right hand side is a link to beta 4) and use the X0vncserver file to
>start a server that will allow you to connect to display 0 and see what
>is shown on the console gui.
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>Subject: Connecting to Solaris 8 from Windows
>I'm new to this mailing list and I don;t have much experience with unix
>I'm trying to share the CDE desktop of a SUN machine running Solaris 8
>to a
>chient installed on a Win2k PC.
>I need the PC user to be able to see as a spectactor what I'm doing on
>the SUN.
>I installed the vncswerver download from
>When I run it it connect to dispaly :1 and not to :0 bevause Xsun is
>using :0.
>If I connect from the client, I can conenct to :1 but I don't have the
>I can not connet to :0.
>Is there a solution to this problem.
>Thanks a lot for any help,
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