Problems starting at bootup

Steve Palocz spalocz "at"
Thu Jan 15 20:44:00 2004

Now this tells you to create a /etc/init.d/rc.vnc

Now did you create a symbolic link to the above file from /etc/rc3.d as
S98vnc and K98vnc (both as a link back to /etc/init.d/rc.vnc)

For Solaris the /etc/rc3.d/S98vnc will run
/etc/init.d/rc.vnc start (for boot)
/etc/rc3.d/K98vnc will run
/etc/init.d/rc.vnc stop (for shutdown)

Hope this helps.


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I've setup my Solaris 6 sparc system as per
but VNC will not start at boot....

If I telnet to the box, and run the script manually - it works fine, 
just not at boot

Can anyone give some help on what  must be a simple problem ?????

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