Request for help from Mac VNC users

Robert Davis sniperlt "at"
Thu Jan 15 20:35:01 2004

Funkster: Thanks for the response. But I am talking
about someone here that does not go beyond sending
email and viewing web pages. 

There seems to be a habit amoung us "IT types" or dare
I say "Computer Geeks" That since we know how to
perform "magic" with these machines, almost in our
sleep, we assume that most people can do the "easy
stuff" life download, save a file to a directory when
downloading, install a program in a particular
directory e.t.c.

I use to feel the same way. But after 4+ years of
working in my job, teaching low income people to use
computers and the net i.e("Right Click, RIGHT
come to realize that I cannot assume anything. That is
why I make up web pages and Word documents with
pictures,screenshots,arrows and bold boxes surrounding
components on the screen shots.


>From: "funkster" <funkster "at">  Add to Address
>I use Chicken of the VNC 
>( for 
>the viewer to connect and control a windows PC.  The
>program works very 
>well with the 16 bit RGB option selected.  For the
>server on a mac you 
>can use OSXvnc.    
>Installation of both programs is a snap.  Its so easy
>there is nothing 
>to say.  As long as you know the location (IP
>address) of the computer 
>where you are going to connect I do not know any
>issues.  The programs 
>have worked very well for me on iMacs and iBooks
>using OSX 10.2.

>Hope this helps.

On Thursday, January 15, 2004, at 02:11  PM, Robert
Davis wrote:

> Hello.
> I have a friend of mine visiting form Austrailia
> has a Mac. I do
> not know what OS or model. But it was brought within
> the last 4 years
> if that helps.
> Anyway I am I windows network manager and know
> nothing about
> Macs. My friend's daughter lives here in the us and
> had a windows
> computer. What I would like to do is be able to
> connect to my friends
> computer in Austrailia using vnc. I normally use
> 1.1 becasue of
> the file tranfer capabilities but I can use any
> version. What need is
> some screen shots of the installation process on a
> so I can put
> them in a printed document for her or make up a web
> page for her
> before she leaves. After that and she installs it
> she gets home
> I can then connect to her and help here out.
> What I eventually want to do is set up a video
> conferencing program
> on both her and her daughter's computer so they can
> talk when she is
> in Austrailia and her daughter is here. I would
> the Yahoo
> Messenger would work but I understand that it does
> have video
> capabilities in the Mac version. So any suggestions
> a program that
> would run on Mac and windows would be helpful
> Thanks.


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