Sending Windows Key and Application Key to Windows VNC Server

Jonathan Gillaspie jonathan "at"
Thu Jan 15 19:24:00 2004

Is there any way in RealVNC to send the Windows Key and/or Application 
Key to the Windows VNC server.

Ctrl-Esc isn't what I'm after, I want to use the Windows Key the way 
Windows does with it's key shortcuts (Win-R for Run, etc.)

Looking through the archives someone posted what looked like a pretty 
straight forward patch for adding support for that into the windows 
server by mapping them to SUPER and HYPER - but it doesn't look like 
that's been incorporated into the code base.   Even if detecting that 
key on the Windows client is difficult it would be very valuable to 
send it from non windows clients and/or providing a Right-Click menu 
item in the Windows client to send it.

Jonathan Gillaspie
jonathan "at"
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