Request for help from Mac VNC users

Robert Davis sniperlt "at"
Thu Jan 15 19:12:00 2004


I have a friend of mine visiting form Austrailia that
has a Mac. I do 
not know what OS or model. But it was brought within
the last 4 years 
if that helps.

Anyway I am I windows network manager and know almost
nothing about 
Macs. My friend's daughter lives here in the us and
had a windows 
computer. What I would like to do is be able to
connect to my friends 
computer in Austrailia using vnc. I normally use ESVNC
1.1 becasue of 
the file tranfer capabilities but I can use any
version. What need is 
some screen shots of the installation process on a MAC
so I can put 
them in a printed document for her or make up a web
page for her 
before she leaves. After that and she installs it when
she gets home 
I can then connect to her and help here out. 

What I eventually want to do is set up a video
conferencing program 
on both her and her daughter's computer so they can
talk when she is 
in Austrailia and her daughter is here. I would think
the Yahoo 
Messenger would work but I understand that it does not
have video 
capabilities in the Mac version. So any suggestions on
a program that 
would run on Mac and windows would be helpful


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