McAfee FW Resolved

Tim Macklenar tim "at"
Thu Jan 15 14:16:01 2004

Here is the response from Mcafee.  I followed most but then I opened the
firewall, clicked view activity, scroll to unknown traffic, rt clicked
clicked on the 5900 traffic during a session attempted, and then clicked
allow all.  It works now.

Thank you for contacting McAfee Consumer Online Support. My name is Kelly.
Having reviewed your e-mail regarding not been able to use VNC software is
Firewall is enable; I would be happy to support you in resolving your issue.

Please add VNC software in the trusted list of Firewall.

-->Please Open Firewall window.
-->Under Tasks please click on Control Internet programs
-->Under the Control Internet programs set VNC software to allow.

Allow protocols in the Firewall :

Please Open Firewall window.
Now under the Advanced Tasks click on "Configure network Adaptor"
Highlight the First adaptor and click on Adaptor Settings.
Now in the Protocol "NETBIOS over TCP" Check the Allow me to reach other
systems shares and Allow other systems to reach my shares check boxes if
they are not already checked.
Now please set other protocols " DHCP , ICMP etc" to allow
Please apply the settings and press Ok.

After that you will need to allow the IP address of the Systems you would
like to configure with VNC software.

Please open the Firewall window.
Under Advanced Tasks please click on Block IP addresses option.
There please type the IP address of the System and set it to allow.
Please press Ok and close the Firewall window.

Thank you for visiting McAfee Online Support. I appreciate the opportunity
to support your needs. You may receive a survey asking for your comments on
this e-mail experience.  Your feedback will help to ensure that I'm
providing the highest quality service possible.


Tim Macklenar

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