Frequent VNC 3.3.7 connection resets

Timo Lehtonen wireless_master "at"
Wed Jan 14 15:17:01 2004

I have VNC 3.3.7 server running on Windows 2000. I connect from Linux 
(Redhat 9) using VNC 3.3.7 viewer.  I am able to connect OK but get very 
frequent connection resets (like every 10 minutes or so). Here is the 
message on the VNC client:

ReadFromRFBServer: rdr::SystemException: read: Connection reset by peer 

- I started running with -fullscreen but later changed and use F8 to switch 
to fullscreen; either way I get problem.
- I was initially using 8 bit colour but now use 16 bit since both ends 
support this; either way I get problem.
- I initially had auto select format/encoding on but later turned this off - 
either way I get problem.

I could find nothing in this newslist or via Google that was particular to 
this problem.  Other than this, VNC runs great.

Any help appreciated,

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