Multiple Workstations

Neild,Bruce BNEILD "at"
Wed Jan 14 14:55:00 2004

Hello Everyone:
I have been researching a method to run a GUI application on multiple
workstations in the same network.  The application can be launched from
the command line directly or via a batch file on a single workstation.
It needs the desktop to interact with other GUI components.
I would like to use a scheduling program on a master workstation or
server (W2K or XP) to launch this application on other multiple
workstations not in use by any other user.
I looked into psexec and it would launch the application, however
without the GUI desktop it could not run correctly.  From everything I
have read it looks like some sort of remote utility such as VNC would be
needed to accomplish my goal.
Can VNC installed as a server on multiple W2K or XP workstations be
started from one master workstation?  I do not have a problem with
serializing the launch on the remote workstations.
Thanks for the help.

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