Win98SE problem

CJT cheljuba "at"
Tue Jan 13 22:41:01 2004

I've reproduced my problem on a clean install of Win98SE, so I
now know that it isn't caused by an interaction with the other
software I have installed.

Using the same client machine and an identical copy of the server
software, the problem does NOT occur in Win2K.

The problem exhibits itself most clearly and reproducibly when I try
to run FreeCell (the game that comes with Windows) on a VNC server
after a connection has been made by a client.  The first sign that
something is wrong is that when the game starts, rather than saying
FreeCell and the game number on the top bar, it has gibberish.  The
cursor remains as an hourglass, too, rather than changing to an
arrow once the game is loaded.  The game works sporadically, at best.

If the VNC server is loaded but no client is connected, everything
seems fine.

I'm not all that concerned about FreeCell itself, but there clearly
is a problem in the server when installed on Windows 98 SE that could
presumably affect other codes as well.