launching WMs by Xvnc

William Hooper whooper "at"
Tue Jan 13 21:42:00 2004

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Adam Kolany said:
> W li6cie z wto, 13-01-2004, godz. 17:35, William Hooper pisze:
>> Adam Kolany said:
>> > When I launch Xvnc and then connect to it I see only a gray desktop
>> with
>> > the mouse cross in the middle. What to do to have a WM, like icewm, or
>> > something running, please? (~/.vnc/xstartup is present).
>> So when you reply to actually tell us what xstartup contains, look at
>> your
>> VNC log and see if it has any error starting your Window manager.
> xstartup enclosed.
> it however works with the usual vncserver ...

So you are trying to start Xvnc directly, which bypasses the vncserver
script?  Maybe it would be better if you explained what you are trying to

> where are the logs? where are the config files?
> there is nothing in man pages, either nothing in google ...

man vncserver:

Several VNC-related files are found in the directory $HOME/.vnc:

    A shell script specifying X applications to be run when a VNC desktop
is started. If it doesn't exist, vncserver will create a new one which
runs a couple of basic applications.
    The VNC password file.
    The log file for Xvnc and applications started in xstartup.
    Identifies the Xvnc process ID, used by the -kill option.

William Hooper