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I did not see that this was Cc:d to the list, so here it is,


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>This is not the forum to answer fundamental routing problems.
>In general -- check that any routers at both ends are configured to
>allow ping to be sent, received, and returned.
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First, are your XP machines behind a firewall, or does your dsl just plug
directly into the computer. If it plugs directly into your computer then on
your XP machines goto Start>Control Panel>Network Connections and right
click on your "Local Area Connection". Choose Properties. Go to the
"Advanced" tab. There is a checkbox there about enabling a firewall. Make
sure this is unchecked. If this was your problem then great!! If not keep

Second, get the machines of both of your machines public ip addresses. If
you have a router/firewall inbetween your DSL Modem and your computers then
get the WAN side public ip address off of this. Open a command window
("command.exe or cmd.exe") and attempt to trace route both computers. This
can be done by typing the following in the command window:
	tracert <ipaddress>

where <ipaddress> is the other location public ip address, whether it's the
computer or a firewall. You want to retrieve a reply from each hop in
between the locations. If a bunch of them timeout then you may have found
some more information to troubleshoot your problem.

Thirdly, if you do have a router/firewall inbetween your dsl modem and your
computer, at either end, make sure that this device is configured to accept
pings(this may be worded as ICMP's or ICMP Echo Requests, or Stealth Mode).
Also make sure you have the VNC ports forwarded to your workstations. This
would be port 5900 and 5800(for web applet). Now give it another shot.

If this still isn't working, or if this email is above your head then go
find a buddy who knows some of the basics of networking and ask for his
help. =)