immediate disconnect using realVNC 3.3.7

Bonno Bloksma b.bloksma "at"
Tue Jan 13 14:03:01 2004


Ik have seen several messages about this but most are about older versions
of VNC and don't describe my situation, I think.

Connecting with VNC wil work initially, then later on it will no longer
work. Restarting VNC server or starting VNC helper will repeat this process.

I have a HP DL360R03 server. I first brought this server up with a temporary
name (mailhp) installed realVNC 3.3.7 and communicated via this server via
the netbios name without any problem. After bringing the server into
production the dns name for the server was and we could still
reach the server without any problems. I used to do it via the netbios name
mailhp but would work as well. Never a problem reaching the
server using VNC.

There seemed to be a problem reaching the server filesystem, windows
claiming there were multiple servers with the same name. There are no
multiple servers with that name but Windows.... So we changed the name to
mail after which the dns name and the server name were identical. I was
supposed to have done this anyway. We could now reach the server file system
via de default shares using either the dns name or the netbios name.

However VNC now started to act strange. After rebooting the server and
strarting the VNC service I can reach the server once without any problems.
The second time will work or not. It seems this depends on whether the
screensaver is active, but... I'm nor sure. We "need" this screensaver as
there is a program which needs to be active and won't run as a service. So
we log in and then lock the console. There is a timeout on the screensaver
to automatically lock the console in case someone forgets. It seems that as
long as the screensaver is not active I can connect and disconnect at will.

Funny thing is, if I fysically go to the server and using the console kill
the WinVNC process, and start VCN server, I can once again connect using VNC
for a while. Starting the service helper (whatever that may do) will have
the same effect. I've updated the VNC on my workstation to VNC4b4, same
problem. I do get a message now when I have a failed connection it is:
"Read: Connection reset by peer (10054)".

If someone cal tell me what to look for I might be able to provide more

Met vriendelijke groet,

Bonno Bloksma

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