Not able to VNC the PC behind dsl modem -Please help

Seak, Teng-Fong tfseak "at"
Tue Jan 13 12:17:00 2004

	First question, your DSL modem only has USB connection?  No Ethernet port?  If you're doing more than simple websurfing, I would suggest you using Ethernet if possible.  I've a cable modem and before, I was using the USB connection to my PC but having a lot of problem (like VPN to my office).  Then, I change to Ethernet and everything's resolved.

	It seems that some modems use obscure NAT to make USB work like network.  So is this warning to you.

	Second, when you're talking about ICS, it's certainly on a Windows platform.  If you install VNC server in this ICS machine, could you VNC to it?  If yes, you need to do "port forwarding" (or publishing ?) configuration in it.  Check the FAQ for it.

	By the way, why don't you buy a router to replace your ICS?  A simple one won't cost you more than $100!  And it's a lot more reliable than Windows.  Moreover, modern routers mostly offer web-based management GUI so you could configure it from anywhere.  Don't forget, Windows servers need a lot of reboot, real routers don't.

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> Pie Charts
> Dear Sir ,
> I am using VNC to connect to my home PC which is connected by 
> Dial UP , before connecting I always  call my house and ask 
> the the dynamicIP address assign to my pc after each time 
> successfully connecting to net . and this works fine
> But........ When from my home I can not connect to my office 
> PC over VNC ,because in office we are having DSL USB Modem to 
> connect to the net ,and we are using Internet connection 
> sharing to share the net for office LAN . ALL office PC's are 
> having internal IP with 192.168.X.X .....
> Please advice how to connect to my office PC which is behind 
> this DSL connection .............
> Awaiting your Quick reply
> Thanks
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