Seak, Teng-Fong tfseak "at"
Tue Jan 13 12:13:00 2004

	If your office network is behind a firewall, it's possible that the firewall is configured to filter "ping" in both directions (ie from outside to inside and vice versa).  At least, this is by default for Cisco firewall.

	So, to ping your home PC, it is better to use an ISP account to check it.  Dialup an ISP and check ping and VNC from that point could help you reduce down the possible cause of problem.  You just need about 5 min to see if that segment works or not.  For the rest, you could consult the FAQ or make a search of this mailing-list.  It's being discussed again and again.

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>   I cannot ping my office desktop from my home machine or 
> home machine  from the office.  This would require a ping 
> across the internet.  Needless  to say, VNC will not work, 
> either.  Both machines are on DSL lines.  One machine is an 
> XP, the other Win 2000.  I've disabled  Remote Administration 
> on the XP machine.
> Please help,
> Paige Deason