VNCScan version 2004.1.12 Released

Steve Bostedor Steveb "at"
Mon Jan 12 17:47:00 2004

You can get the latest version at

Build 2004.1.12

    * You can disable the resolving of DNS names during a scan in the
VNCScan options form.  This feature was requested often by users that
were scanning networks that had no DNS resolvers on the local network.
    * Corrected a couple minor bugs that didn't affect application
performance or stability

Build 2003.12.30

    * You can sort the list of computers again.
    * You can now change the default workgroup by right-clicking the tab
for Local Network
    * VNCScan no longer requires version 1.0 of the framework.  1.1 will
work fine

Build 2003.9.3

    * Fixed the error that pops up when clicking on the "Local Network"

Build 2003.8.1

    * This is basically just a bug fix release.  The RDP portions where
acting up a bit for some and I've included the fix in this version.
There are new features slated for an upcoming release.

Build 2003.7.29

    * Bugs have been found when using VNCScan with the DotNet Framework
version 1.1 without also having version 1.0 installed.  The version
offered from this site is the correct version for VNCScan to run.  Both
versions can be installed at the same time with no problems.

Build 2003.7.25

    * Added background scanning.  You can enable/disable it per group.
    * You can minimize VNCScan to the task tray to save space

Build 2003.7.21

    * Added the ability to reconnect to an existing terminal session
window by right-clicking the tab and choosing "Reconnect"
    * The list boxes fill faster
    * Fixed the AuthHost bug when clicking the "Add" button.
    * Fixed the "Type Initializer" error when scanning some subnets.
I'm especially glad that this one is gone!
    * The text boxes for username and password in the window to push VNC
remained disabled even after checking the box

Build 2003.7.18


      I've redone the scanner and I think that I have the fix for that
pesky Type error in some of the previous versions.  If you had errors
while scanning sometimes, you'll definitely want to download this one
and give it a try.

      The GUI has been updated in a few places.  Nothing major, just
moved some things around to be more accessible

      There have been some significant speed improvements in this
version, too.  All around responsiveness should be noticeable.

Build 2003.7.11 (7/11/2003)


      Due to the new version numbers, old versions must be uninstalled
before starting the setup of this new version

      Network Neighborhood integration

      More integrated RDP using tabs

      RDP can toggle in and out of full screen mode

      Many more RDP options in the VNCScan settings box

      Integrated "Manage Computer" MMC link for each computer

      New slick look-n-feel 

Build 5.2.1285 (7/9/03)


      The interface was redesigned a bit to be less cluttered.  MDI is
just so 90's  ;)

      You can, now, right-click a computer an open up the Computer
Management MMC console if you are on Windows 2000/XP.  This is very
useful for local networks. 

Build 5.2.1199 (4/11/03)


      Richard Harris' FastPush script is now included with the VNCScan
setup.  This will ensure that things work better when deploying VNC.
Many thanks to Rich! 

Build 5.2.1195 (4/8/03)

    * You can set the basic global settings for the terminal services
connections.  More to come on this feature.

Build 5.2.1193 (4/8/03)


      There is, now, a progress bar when scanning instead of just the
textual feedback.

      In addition to the progress bar, there is a new window that allows
you to see what computers are being found while scanning.  It also
allows you to double-click on them to connect while scanning instead of
waiting for the scan to complete.

      COOL: If the computer is also running Terminal Services (RDP), you
can right-click on it and select "RDP Connect" and it will open the
computer in a Terminal Services mode instead of VNC.  There will be more
built on this in future versions, but this is already quite handy for
those of you that like to use the Terminal Services to administer the
servers while using VNC to administer the desktops.  Let's see how long
it takes before the clones copy this one!  ;)  Just remember that you
saw it first here.  And if you continue to support VNCScan, you'll
continue to see new and cool things like this. 

Build 5.2.1192 (4/7/03)


      There have been a number of changes in the scanning procedure that
results in increased stability and accurate results.

      There have also been changes to the way that VNCScan keeps track
of computer status.  The status is updated after the scan is completed
or canceled instead of right away.  It's just more stable that way for

      If the computer name changes, VNCScan no longer creates a new
entry for that computer.  It recognizes the situation and just updates
the status of the existing computer.