Connection closes

T. Valent winsock2 "at"
Mon Jan 12 16:28:01 2004

> I have one more idea, I assume that you are not using v4beta and using
> one of the 3.3 versions.
> On the viewing machine, start the viewer in listening mode. Then from
> the server, get the user to right click the icon in the system tray and
> add a client, type in your viewer machine IP. This will then open the
> server machine just like you initiated the connection from the viewer.

I did as you suggested.

> Just to see if it works. If it works for a longer period of time, it is
> probably network related.

It did not work. The connection was also closed after 3 seconds. 

James Weatherall suggested to start vnc in debug mode. I'm going to find out
how to do that and will see what news that brings.