Win 2000 VNC prob

Seak, Teng-Fong tfseak "at"
Mon Jan 12 16:17:00 2004

> > > Can anyone help me???? i am having a problem with VNC on Win 2000 
> > > over a VPN.
> > > i can connect and put in the password, the screen then loads but 
> > > disapears after about 2-3 secs, i though it may be the
> >
> > By "screen" do you mean VNC viewer window?  Or remote screen as seen
> inside the client?

	Oh, I failed to notice that you're using VPN.  That includes one more factor ...

	I'm also using VPN from home to connect to office's machines, and sometimes even if the VPN is still up, connection is in fact lost.  Of course, VNC is just one of several applications which don't work in this case.

	I'm still yet to discover the cause of this problem.  I don't know if your problem is similar.

> I can VNC onto working pcs from the problem PC's fine but 
> just not onto the problem PC's

	You mean in exactly the same situation: through VPN, VNC servers are in PC's in the same sub-network, etc ?