Win 2000 VNC prob

Matt Meecham matt.m "at"
Mon Jan 12 11:35:01 2004

> > Can anyone help me???? i am having a problem with VNC on Win
> > 2000 over a VPN.
> > i can connect and put in the password, the screen then loads
> > but disapears after about 2-3 secs, i though it may be the
> By "screen" do you mean VNC viewer window?  Or remote screen as seen
inside the client?

Yes i mean VNC viewer closes down
> For former, check if the connection between server and client is stable.
For ex, do a
> ping your_vnc_server_name -t
> and press Ctrl+C to stop and see if there're a lot of lost packets.

No the VPN is stable
> For later, maybe it's screen-saver in the server.

No screensaver
> > Video card!!!!  but if i log onto the machine as admin it
> > works fine, i have made the local user account an admin on
> > the local machine but still it didnt work!!!! does anyone
> > have any ideas
> One more idea: if possible, connect your client to another server and
connect another client to your server to see if you've the same problem.
And make your conclusion based on this.

I can VNC onto working pcs from the problem PC's fine but just not onto the
problem PC's

Thanks for your help
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