Win 2000 VNC prob

Seak, Teng-Fong tfseak "at"
Mon Jan 12 11:03:01 2004

> Can anyone help me???? i am having a problem with VNC on Win 
> 2000 over a VPN.
> i can connect and put in the password, the screen then loads 
> but disapears after about 2-3 secs, i though it may be the 

	By "screen" do you mean VNC viewer window?  Or remote screen as seen inside the client?

	For former, check if the connection between server and client is stable.  For ex, do a
ping your_vnc_server_name -t
and press Ctrl+C to stop and see if there're a lot of lost packets.

	For later, maybe it's screen-saver in the server.

> Video card!!!!  but if i log onto the machine as admin it 
> works fine, i have made the local user account an admin on 
> the local machine but still it didnt work!!!! does anyone 
> have any ideas

	One more idea: if possible, connect your client to another server and connect another client to your server to see if you've the same problem.  And make your conclusion based on this.