VncViewer shuts down after loading

Constantin Kaplinsky const "at"
Mon Jan 12 06:26:01 2004

Hello Andrey,

>>>>> "l" == "Andrey" <leyandrew "at"> writes:

l> Hello, I compiled TightVNC Viewer from the source code from
l> under MSVC++ 6.0 in Win98 and found that it doesn't
l> work - when i try to connect to vnc server, it asks for password,
l> then initializes, then shows remote computer for a second, and ... 
l> bummm closes without any messages. When i launch tight vnc viewer,
l> downloaded from the as precompiled binary, it works
l> perfect...

l> I didn't really change anything, just added zlib anf libjpeg files
l> which are missing in the source code .zip file.

l> Any ideas?

Precompiled TightVNC binaries were built with the Borland C++
compiler, but actually there should not by difference, as we test it
under MSVC++ 6.0 as well. So I'm not sure what caused the problem. Is
there something in the WinVNC.log file? (Use Advanced Properties to
enable logging.)

With Best Wishes,