VNC on Pocket PC

James Weatherall jnw "at"
Sun Jan 11 17:59:00 2004


Which versions of VNC Viewer are you running on your CE machine?  The AT&T
CE viewer is very old and not well adapted to the modern CE 3.x and 4.x user
interfaces (i.e. to PocketPC).

Stylus events under PPC are all left-clicks, which means that clicking on a
window title bar and then somewhere else will appear to the remote end as a
window drag.  Right-clicks are normally produced by a click-and-hold method
that may require explicit support from the VNC Viewer application.  How
stylus events are converted to mouse-style pointer events is up to the VNC
Viewer implementation.


Wez @ RealVNC Ltd.

> I am using VNC Viewer on a HP 1940 ( PPC 2003 ) to connect to 
> a Win 98 SE PC
> running VNC Server. The connection is established OK.
> When I try to move a window, I cannot un-select the window. 
> ie.. every time
> I move the stylus, the window follows it and I cannot 
> de-select the window.
> I have tried 2 different PPC VNC Viewers and the same results.
> Also, how can I right-click on an item using the stylus so 
> that I can get to
> things like the 'Properties' screen, etc ?