Starting WinVNC from command-line

Richard Uchytil webmaster "at"
Sat Jan 10 23:52:00 2004

Interesting.  I thought I did have a default password configured because
each time I login it asks me for that password.  Here's what I was trying
to do.

I was logged into my work computer from home over vpn through my comcast
cable modem connection and using realvnc 3.3.7.  Everything was great,
then our cable internet went out for several hours.  When I tried to log
back in, I was able to vpn in, but when I'd run vncviewer, it wouldn't ask
me for a password or anything, yet when I looked in the task manager of my
home computer, I saw it was running.

So I guessed (maybe wrong) that my work desktop's vnc server thought I was
still logged in.  Using tools from (great
utilities), I was able to list the processes running on my work desktop
and even kill the vncserver (winvnc) process.  Then I wanted to restart
winvnc and figured that would work.  I was able to restart it on my
desktop, then ran vncviewer, this time it asked me for a password, but it
didn't display my desktop.  When I tried to run winvnc the same way on my
home computer (just going to the realvnc\winvnc directory and running
winvnc), my home computer displayed the pop-up.  After reading this email,
I checked and my home system didn't have a default password.  I set one
and then it ran fine with out the pop-up.

I'm positive I have a default password on my work desktop but now am not
sure why it would ask me for the password but not display the desktop.  I
rebooted my home system just in case something was wrong, but still
couldn't get it to display, it only asked me for the password.  Finally I
went into work and rebooted my desktop and everything is working fine.

So I'm not sure what was going on, probably something else and winvnc was
working just fine.  Thanks very much for all the info, it has been very


James Weatherall said:
> Gordon,
> This is not correct.  Richard's problem is that his VNC 3.3 series server
> does not have a Default password configured.  The tip you specify prevents
> VNC Server 4 for Windows from displaying its status output in a Console
> window.
> Cheers,
> Wez @ RealVNC Ltd.
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> you need to add a switch " -noconsole"
> your shortcut should be like this
> "drive:\program files\realvnc\vnc4\winvnc4.exe" -noconsole
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>> WinVNC 3.3.7, WinXP & Win2K.  I want to start WinVNC from the
>> command-line, but everytime I try to, I get the dialog box asking me
>> for settings and I have to click OK to start the server.  How can I
>> get this to start without this dialog box popping up?  I don't know if
>> I have WinVNC installed as a service, but it does start each time I
>> reboot my computer.
>> Thanks!
>> Rich Uchytil
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