Dynamic WAN IP using PPPoE

Dave - Market-Web jsinvest "at" mweb.co.za
Sat Jan 10 09:45:01 2004

Hi Frank

I experienced exactly the same thing and found a solution as follows :

I am using 2 PC's with Windows 98 se.

On my work's PC that I wanted to connect to :

I set the PPPoE software to 'auto reconnect if connection dropped'
and to 'connect on windows startup'
as well as to 'autoconnect' ( so you don't have to click the 'connect'
button )

I then created a small program in Visual Basic (v5) which does the following

Every 5 minutes.
Download the page  >> http://www.showmyip.com
Extract my dynamic IP address from the downloaded page ( it is on the first
line on the page ).
Save this IP address into a very small text file.
FTP this text file on to my FTP site ( automatically replace the existing
file on the FTP site. ) so it is updated every 5 minutes.
Minimise myself ( program, not me personally ) into the system tray ( next
to the clock ) and sleep for another 5 minutes and then run in the

From my home PC, I can then use the freeware WS-FTP LE to look at the text
file on my FTP site and copy the IP address and paste it into my VNC Viewer
connect screen. Alternatively you could create another program to
automatically download the text file from the FTP site and display it to

Hope this all helps.

Before all the guru's rip my idea or methods apart : there is probably a
better or easier or preferred way of doing this, but I could not find one
when I needed it so I made my own solution. It works well for me. I would
also like to know of any other methods that can be used.

The setup files to install the above app. are about 3,5 mb.
Please contact me if you want a copy of the program.
I have only been using it for personal use for about 3 weeks so I cannot
guarantee that it will work on all operating systems.




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Dear Sir/Madam,

I tried to set up a remore control program at home connecting to computer in
the office.  However, since we are using DSL modem to connect to the
Internet at the office, looks like it's using PPPoE, and everytime I
checked, the WAN IP address is changed, I am not able to establish static
and permanent connection between them. Is this a known issue? Does VNC has a
solution for this? ( AT home, I just use 56K modem dial-up service )

avp_frank "at" hotmail.com

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