Dynamic WAN IP using PPPoE

Bill Cassady caersidi "at" freeshell.org
Sat Jan 10 02:30:00 2004

On Fri, 9 Jan 2004, Frank AVP wrote:

> I tried to set up a remore control program at home connecting to computer in
> the office.  However, since we are using DSL modem to connect to the
> Internet at the office, looks like it's using PPPoE, and everytime I
> checked, the WAN IP address is changed, I am not able to establish static
> and permanent connection between them. Is this a known issue? Does VNC has a
> solution for this? ( AT home, I just use 56K modem dial-up service )


If you can't obtain a static IP address at the office then it sounds
like either you will have to get a human at the office tell you by
phone what the current address is -- or set up an auto-mailer to send
the current address to you on a schedule.

If the e-mails from your office are not re-mailed somehow, the IP
address in the e-mail header should be the routable address at the
time the e-mail was sent.


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