Keyboard/Mouse Lock?

Judge Maygarden jmaygarden "at"
Fri Jan 9 23:00:01 2004

Pardon my lack of knowledge as to the functionality of version 3.3.7.  I've been using 4.0b4 because I need multiple monitor support and the documentation makes no reference to server side lockout.  Upon checking out the keyboard/mouse lockout features of version 3.3.7, it appears they must be set from the serve side and would apply to all connections.  I know that version 4.0 allows the client to choose whether or not to send its own keyboard/mouse events at runtime.  Will the release version of VNC 4.0 support client side lockout and release of these server functions?

I'm looking at setting up a GUI application that allows the user to view a given system three ways: without control, shared control with the server, or control while locking out the server.  In each case and don't want to get permission from the server first.  I'm accomplishing the first two modes by setting up configuration files in advance with the host name, password and options, and then calling the vncviewer binary with the -config command line option.

If 4.0 supports client side lockout then I can keep using this model without having to add the functionality into the source code myself. =)

BTW, thanks for your prompt and helpful responses Mr. Weatherall.



Judge Maygarden

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