Starting WinVNC from command-line

Lange, Bob (Tax Office) bob_lange "at"
Fri Jan 9 20:08:00 2004


Try this:

From a command ( DOS) prompt type:    net start winvnc      and that should
start the service for you, and give you the properties box to fill in the
password, then it will run as a service and you should not have to go
through that again.

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WinVNC 3.3.7, WinXP & Win2K.  I want to start WinVNC from the
command-line, but everytime I try to, I get the dialog box asking me for
settings and I have to click OK to start the server.  How can I get this
to start without this dialog box popping up?  I don't know if I have
WinVNC installed as a service, but it does start each time I reboot my


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