A fix for VNC keyboard problem with AIX and CDE

ADAdamo@us.imshealth.com ADAdamo "at" us.imshealth.com
Fri Jan 9 19:43:00 2004

 - On AIX host in VNC client I type "date" 
   but see the following echoed
   ("d" echos "d", "a" echos nothing, "t" echos "v"
    and "e" echos "f") and then the shell responds
	ksh: dvf not found

 - On web found that xmodmap command seemed to be the
   problem. The file ~/.vnc/xstartup runs 
   /usr/dt/bin/Xsession. Created file Xsession.VNC
   by copying Xsession and commenting out the line
   	$XDIR/xmodmap $i
   Then had xstartup call Xsession.VNC. It worked; the
   keyboard problem disappeared.

 - But this fix is a hack. Does anyone know the
   proper way to either fix xmodmap for AIX or
   prevent Xsession from running it for VNC?


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