port mapping in Windows NT

Peter van Heun pvanheun "at" e-mail.demon.nl
Fri Jan 9 10:27:00 2004


I have a Windows NT Server 4.0 running as mailserver and ftp-server as wich
uses DHCP to assign ip-adresses to clients through the ip-adres The internet connection is esthablished on ip-adres wich comes from the router wich has ip-adress One of the
clients with Windows ME gets the ip-adres ans is running VNC
server on port 20. On the NT server is VNC server running at port 0. On the
fire wall of the router a have opend the ports and used NAT to redirect the
ip-adresses to and to
I can access the server from anywhere on the internet trough a VNC viewer by or But i can not connect to the client. Neither with I have used Portmapper from AnalogX on the NT server by mapping
port 20 to This doesn't work. Portmapper show as the ip-adress Maybe this has to be but I don't know how to do
this in Portmapper. I can reach the client directly from the server so VNC
is working.

Anyone has a suggestion how I can reach the client with VNC from over the

I have a similar configuration on a Windows 2000 Workstation with Internet
Connection Sharing wich works fine. But in Windows 2000 you can add settings
to the Internet Connection Sharing by mapping ports. Windows NT doesn't has
this feature.

Greetings, Peter

pvanheun "at" e-mail.demon.nl

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